domenica 16 maggio 2021

Double O Entertainment - Blu Jazz Double O Collective, Volume 1 (2021),+Volume+1+-+2021+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

Jeffrey Smith - Dreamz and Visionz (2016)®.rar/file

Quiet Storm All Stars - Luther, Teddy & Marvin_ Smooth Jazz Pays Tribute To The Icons Of Love (2012),+Teddy+&+Marvin_+Smooth+Jazz+Pays+Tribute+To+The+Icons+Of+Love+-+2012+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

Marcos Ariel - Near the Sea - EP (2018)®.rar/file

Marcos Ariel - 4 Friends (2007)®.rar/file

Marcos Ariel - Magic Eyes (2000)®.rar/file

V.A - Slow Time for Yourself, Music for Meditation & Deep Relaxation (2020),+Music+for+Meditation+&+Deep+Relaxation+-+2020+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

V.A - Missing You (Smooth and Sweet Romantic Instrumentals) (2020)®.rar/file

V.A - Blue Lagoon Romantic Easy Relaxing Tunes (2020)®.rar/file

V.A - Soothing Instrumental Music to Relax and Unwind (2020)®.rar/file

V.A - Mind, Body and Spirit Relaxation Soothing Tunes (2020),+Body+and+Spirit+Relaxation+Soothing+Tunes+-+2020+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

V.A - Weekends Smooth Jazz Lounge to Rest and Relax (2020)®.rar/file

V.A - Sexual Healing (2013)®.rar/file

venerdì 14 maggio 2021

Peter Bleakney - Wolfen 2 (2021)®.rar/file

Greg Kavanagh - Wolfen (2021)®.rar/file

Mark Maxwell - Bossa Nirvana (2021)®.rar/file

Plunky & Oneness Of Juju - Make a Change (2021)®.rar/file

Cherry Pickers - Pickin' Up the Cherries! (2018)'+Up+the+Cherries!+-+2018+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

Nate Najar - Until Now (2009)®.rar/file

Howard Ray - Feelin It (2008)®.rar/file

giovedì 13 maggio 2021

Jawanza Kobie - Jazz Composer (2021)®.rar/file

Reggie Foster - Different Level (2008)®.rar/file

Akira Jimbo - 30 Tokyo Yellow (2021)®.rar/file

Akira Jimbo - 29 NY Red Featuring Silvano Monasterios & Ricky Rodriguez (2021)®.rar/file

Akira Jimbo - 28 NY Blue Featuring Oz Noy & Edmond Gilmore (2021)®.rar/file

Tim Heintz - Angel Coast (1991)®.rar/file

Tim Heintz - Tim Heintz (1989)®.rar/file

Tim Heintz - Searching The Heart (1988)®.rar/file

Tim Heintz - Quiet Time (1988)®.rar/file

martedì 11 maggio 2021

Armik - Pacifica (2018)®.rar/file

Armik - Romantic Spanish Guitar, Vol. 3 (2016),+Vol.+3+-+2016+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

Armik - Alegra (2013)®.rar/file

Armik - Reflections (2012)®.rar/file

Armik - Casa De Amor (2012)®.rar/file

Armik - Besos (2010)®.rar/file

Armik - Serenata (2009)®.rar/file

Armik - Greatest Hits (2008)®.rar/file

Armik - Barcelona (2008)®.rar/file

Armik - Fuego Gitana, The Nuevo Flamenco Collection (2008),+The+Nuevo+Flamenco+Collection+-+2008+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file

Armik - Guitarrista (2007)®.rar/file

Armik - A Day In Brazil (2007)®.rar/file

Armik - Desires, The Romantic Collection (2006),+The+Romantic+Collection+-+2006+Gigi+Smooth®.rar/file